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Lakefront Boathouses, Party Platforms & Sundecks by B&R Construction

We build boat houses of all sizes and configurations, including floating and permanent boathouses with party platforms, swim decks and sundecks. Our boat houses are built on steel pilings driven 15 feet into the lake bed , providing a stable construction of the boat house. B&R Construction will work with you to develop a design that matches your present buildings and meets your requirements for space and amenities.

Make Your Boathouse a Party Platform or Sundeck

When planning your boat dock, you can utilize the basic dock structure to support a party deck which can also function as a roof over your dock or boat slip. You get the roof shelter for your boat and watercraft as well as a roomy deck area that lets your guests enjoy your beautiful lake front.

A deck or dock platform can also provide a quiet retreat for conversation, reading, sunbathing, or fishing. Deck railings are available in several styles to provide safety. Open metal railings let the breeze through; more opaque railings provide privacy.

A selection of deck surfaces, from pre-cast concrete panels to various designs of either man-made or wood plank, are available in a wide choice of patterns, textures and colors. If there is a slope down to your waters’ edge, a level walkway bridge can extend from a point up the slope to the deck level over your boat dock, with a stairs or sloped walk down to the dock level.

Three Different Types of Boat House Roofs

Typically there are three different types of roofs for boat houses – Gables, Hips and Upper Decks/Sun Decks. Within these basic styles, we offer variations to accommodate a range of dock layouts. Roof choices are typically made with equal regard given to personal aesthetic appeal, desired utility, and cost.

The two most popular boat house roof designs are Gables and Hips and between these two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements and is often considered more attractive than the more cost-competitive Gable roof.

Contact-B-R-ConstructionWhen additional recreational space is desirable, especially when a larger water level footprint is not possible, our Upper Decks/Sun Decks offer a great solution.

The Upper Decks offer a great place to hang out with family and friends and enjoy cookouts or other types of recreation such as slides or different types of games.

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